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Labelling and Policing
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In this article in the Gay and Lesbian Review, Rainbow History board member Bonnie Morris highlights the tensions surrounding women's music festivals and their policies regarding transgender inclusion. She argues that the term TERF…
Lesbian activist Lilli Vincenz featured on the cover of the Ladder, the magazine of the San Francisco lesbian organization the Daughters of Bilitis.
Presented at the D.C. Historical Studies Conference, 27 Oct 2006.
What is Bieberism? (Jack Nichols); The Supreme Court will Review (David Wayne); The Government from Within (Evan Colodny); Logic & the Ethics of Sex (Foster Gunnison Jr); 1966 Index to The Homosexual Citizen.
Censorship (Ronald Dean); Why Should I Join (Jack Nichols); British Gaiety (Lilli Vincenz); The Government from Within (Evan Colodny); Our President Speaks (John Swanson); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols).
Hamilton Hotel Settles (Dr Franklin E Kameny); May 21st Nationwide Protest (Jon Swanson); Two Arrested for Extortion (David Slighton); The Goverbment from Within (Evan Colodny); The Standard of Love (Jack Nichols); Police Stop entrapment (David…
To Exist or Not to Exist (editorial); Letter from Civil Service Commission; MSW Meets with Civil Service Commission (Dr Franklin E Kameny); Homosexuality in Films (Henry McInnis); The Government from Within (Evan Colodney); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols);…
The Homosexual and the Psychoanalyst (Dr. George Weinberg); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols); Straight From the Shoulder: Speaking Out (Gail Johnson); Security Clearances for Homosexual Citizens (Dr. Franklin E Kameny); Bridge to Understanding (Lilli…
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