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Photograph taken of the front facade of Fairfax's Old Town Hall (where Fairfax City Pride was held) in June 2024. Photo courtesy of Colleen O'Donnel.

A photograph taken by JEB of Boden's hand operating sound equipment at the 1985 Womyn's Music Festival in Michigan

A poster promoting an event for March 1st, 2006, celebrating Drag King Performances at Choas. At this time, this was the longest running Drag King show in the world.

The Ladder Vol 7 No 9 May 1963.pdf
The Ladder was a periodical published between 1956 and 1972 by the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), a homophile organization based in San Francisco with chapters around the country. Co-edited by Phyllis Lyon (under the pseudonym Ann Ferguson) and Del…

Banks Jr, Lawrence R 1998.pdf
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