In the Family: From Stonewall to City Hall


This magazine has a significant amount of stories across all different fields. Starting with out there, it analyzes everyday discrimination, individual rights, politics, same-sex marriage, and more. Submitted letters from individuals who read, In the Family, some titles are Therapy, Marriage, Do I?, By Nature, all telling a similar, but different story. The research section includes a case study of 8 homeless youths from NYC, who are forced to "couch-surf" as a means of shelter, and how they are prey for predators. Thus being something, rarely ever talked about. This magazine is a great outlet for current issues and research, and real stories that give you a larger insight into what is going on specifically in individuals, not just as a whole group.

Table Of Contents

Editor's Note - 2
Out There - 3
Your Letters - 5
Research - 21
Family Album - 22
Scene on the Screen - 24
Fiction - 25
Last Word - 28




In the Family Magazine , “In the Family: From Stonewall to City Hall,” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed June 25, 2024,

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