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Single-issue of newsletter.

"Alexandria Gay Community Association is a community association providing social educational, political, and organizational services to the Gay and Lesbian community of Northern Virginia. AGCA is a non-profit…
Tenth anniversary special issue of newsletter.
Adventuring is a group of outdoor activity enthusiasts which began as a program of the Gay Community Center of DC in October 1979, but had later broken off as a separate non-profit, non-membership,…
August 1997 newsletter for PFLAG metro DC.
Newsletters of the Washington Office, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches on Capital Hill.
The Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW) published The Insider, a newsletter for members that covered aspects of life in Washington DC before the Gay Blade first appeared in October 1969. In the late 1960s, Eva Freund and Richard Schaefers wrote…

Tracks Newsletter 1984 Sept v1n2.pdf
Newsletters from Tracks D.C. bar/nightclub
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