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Homosexual Citizen Vol 1 No 1 Jan 1966.pdf
A full run (a total of 17 issues) of a publication produced jointly by the Mattachine Society of Washington and the Mattachine Society of Florida from January 1966 to May 1967.***Homosexual Citizen was a short-lived magazine published by the…
Name of author printed as Warren D. Adkins, a pseudonym of Jack Nichols.
(kneeling) left to right: Julian Hodges (Pres. NY Mattachine Society), Dick Leitsch (Vice-president, NY Mattachine Society), Terry ? (cSecretary, Mattachine Society – Midwest), Jon Marshall, (President, Mattachine Society of…

1st row (left to right): Lisa Ben, Harry Hay, John Burnside, Jose Sarria, Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon

2nd row: Fred Frisbie, Bob Basker, Frank Kameny, Florence Fleishman, Hall Call, Robin Tyler Behind Hall Call & Robin Tyler: Vern Bullough, Malcolm…

Jack Nichols and Frank Kameny sitting on a couch
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