Historic Publications Collection


Historic Publications Collection


The Historic Publications Collection combines newsletters, periodicals, newspapers, books, and other publications by, for and about the LGBTQ communities. This collection includes both: 1) single issues of various titles that are digitized and online; and, 2) runs of publications that are available in paper form at the DC History Center--some of these may have a digitized issue or two in this online collection.

Table Of Contents

Titles digitized online include:
"The Baltimore Gayzette" (Produced by the Baltimore Gay Alliance)
"Capitol Hill" (Published by the Gay Rights National Lobby)
"Come Out Fighting: A Newsletter" (Produced by The Lavender and Red Union)
"Cruise: Weekly Arts and Entertainment Magazine"
"The Furies, Goddesses of Vengeance: A New Lesbian/Feminist Monthly Magazine"
"The Lavender and Red Book: A Gay Liberation/Socialist Anthology" (Produced by The Lavender and Red Union)
"The Homosexual Citizen" (Published by the Mattachine Society of Washington)
"The Insider" (Published by the Mattachine Society of Washington)
"The Gay Blade"
"Gay Left"
"Gays on the Hill" (Published by Metropolitan Community Church)
"Just Us: A Directory of the Washington Gay Community"
"Magnus: A Journal of Collective Faggotry"
"Motive: Methodist Student Movement"
"Musica: Newsletter of Women's Music" (Published by Indra "Indy" Allen)
"Off Our Backs: A Women's Liberation Biweekly"
"Red Flag Union" (Published by the Red Flag Union in Hollywood, California)

Titles available in paper format include:
The Advocate (P 4428)
BGM: Black Gay Male (P 3798)
Black/Out: The Magazine of the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays (P 3746)
Blacklight: BL (P 3797)
The Blade, aka The Washington Blade (P 4092)
ButiVoxx: Hangin' at the Beach (P 7484)
Come Out Fighting: The Newspaper of the Lavender and Red Union (P 4429)
Cruise (P 5265)
Dorian Book Quarterly (P 3762)
From the Center: A Publication of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center (P 5153)
The Furies (P 3796)
The Gay Alternative (P 3764)
Habari-Daftari: The Newsmagazine of the National Coalition of Black Gays (P 4438)
In the Family: A Magazine for Gays, Bisexuals, and their Relations (P 7483)
James White Review (P 5508)
The Ladder (P 3763)
Lambda Rising Book Report (P 5264)
Magnus: A Journal of Collective Faggotry (P 4437)
Malebox!: DC’s Largest Publication for Black Gay Men (P 7485)
Mattachine Review (P 3761)
Metro Weekly (P 4573)
Michael’s Entertainment Weekly (P 5150)
Motive (P 4439)
One Magazine: The Homosexual Viewpoint (P 3760)
The Other Pages (P 4412) (P 5259)
Out Magazine (P 5258)
Port of Harlem: A Magazine about Blacks at Home and Abroad (P 7486)
Real: The Magazine for Black Gay & Lesbian Brothers & Sisters (P 7487)
Reel Affirmations (P 5268)
SBC: A Monthly for the Afrocentric Homosexual Man (P 7489 to DCHC)
Silk Road: Asians and Friends of Washington, DC (P 5507)
TAGG Magazine (P 5277)
Vector: A Voice for the Homophile Community (P 3765)
Whazzup! Magazine (P 7488)
The Whole Gay Catalog: Books for Gay Men & Lesbians, Their Families & Friends (P 5267)
Women in the Life: The Premiere Women’s Monthly (P 5266)
WOMO: Woman’s Monthly: A Periodical Calendar for the Women’s Community (P 3759)

Access Rights

Some items/issues may be available online.

All publications with a "P" number are available to all people, by appointment, at the DC History Center.

Collection is available for “fair use.” Material may be protected by copyright.

The Rainbow History Project respects the copyright and intellectual property rights associated with the materials in its collection. To the best of its knowledge, these items are either in the public domain; are orphaned works; and/or had their rights for public display transferred to RHP.

Collection Items

The Homosexual Citizen: News of Civil Liberties & Social Rights for Homosexuals
A full run (a total of 17 issues) of a publication produced jointly by the Mattachine Society of Washington and the Mattachine Society of Florida from January 1966 to May 1967.***Homosexual Citizen was a short-lived magazine published by the…

Lilli Vincenz on the cover of The Ladder
Lesbian activist Lilli Vincenz featured on the cover of the Ladder, the magazine of the San Francisco lesbian organization the Daughters of Bilitis. This is the first known instance of an Out Lesbian choosing to show her face on the cover of a…

The Insider [Newsletters]
The Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW) published The Insider, a newsletter for members that covered aspects of life in Washington DC before the Gay Blade first appeared in October 1969. In the late 1960s, Eva Freund and Richard Schaefers wrote…

Gays on the Hill [Newsletters]
Newsletters of the Washington Office, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches on Capital Hill.

The Hijacking of Lesbian History
In this article in the Gay and Lesbian Review, Rainbow History board member Bonnie Morris highlights the tensions surrounding women's music festivals and their policies regarding transgender inclusion. She argues that the term TERF…

TAGG Magazine 10th Anniversary
This is TAGG Magazine's cover for their 10th Anniversary.

The Cutting Edge: A History of the Washington Blade, Metropolitan DC's GLBT Newspaper of Record
Presented at the D.C. Historical Studies Conference, 27 Oct 2006.

Just us : a directory of the Washington gay community
In 1975, the Washington Area Gay Community Council (WAGCC), an alliance of businesses, community organizations, and churches published the first local guide to the gay community. The publication, Just Us, appeared in the autumn of 1975 and was…

The Furies, volume 1 [i.e. volume 1, number 1]
The Furies, by Ginny Berson
Such a Nice Girl ..., by Sharon Deevey
Women: Weak or Strong, by Lee Schwing
The Dentist, by Ginny Berson
Roxanne Dunbar: how a female heterosexual serves the interests of male supremacy, by Rita Mae Brown

The Furies, volume 2 [i.e. volume 1, number 2]
Out of the O Zone, by Helaine Harris
Gimme Shelter, by Tasha Petersen, photography by JEB
Keep Your Chin Up, by Lee Schwing
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense, by Jennifer Woodul
No Place to Go, by Ginny Berson
Emotionalism - Downward Spiral,…
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