Discussions and Lectures


This flier advertises one of the GWA-DC's most popular events, a reading by poet and activist Audre Lorde from her book "Zami, A New Spelling of My Name." The event was co-sponsored by the Sappho Sapphires and held on Januarly 11, 1984. 

Social and Political Relevance

Diverse, educational, and inclusive programming was a cornerstone for GWA-DC's existence. The events centered around politcally and socially relevent issues for the feminsit and lesbian community of greater DC. All women were encouraged to attend and engage in positive and supporitve discussions. One of the most popular programs was a 1984 presentation by poet Audre Lorde, offered in partnership with the African-American lesbian organization the Sapphire Sapphos.               


The event calendar for October through December 1985 highlights the incredible range of programs offered by the GWA-DC, including a "Lesbian Resources" event and a "Sex and Comedy" night. 

Stimulating and Social

GWA-DC programming happened every Wednesday night at the Washington Ethical Society. To cover costs, the organization asked for a $3 donation. The regular time and space, as well as the social hour after each event, solidified the GWA-DC as an important community resource. According to their flyers for their events, the organization was "committed to bringing stimulating and informative programs - in a social atmosphere - to the Lesbian community in the Washington, DC Area."

While specifically targeted to lesbian communities, the GWA-DC's events included more over-arching feminist issues as well. These calenders from the GWA-DC's early years show a small sampling of the variety of programs offered.

What changes in themes can you see from 1981 to 1993? What issues remained important? 

Discussions and Lectures