Oral History Interview with Bernie Delia, 1956-2024


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Bernie Delia, resident of Washington, DC since 1982, openly expressing as a gay man 3 years after. Two years after coming out, Bernie began serving the LBGTQ+ community in many different ways. Bernie took an interest in history and politics very early in life, remembering many moments with his parents discussing elections and such. From as long as he could remember, becoming a DC resident had always been the plan. He would make this possible after going to law school, which helped him develop many of the skills and connections that he would use to prevail later on. As a member of the Dignity Committee Chairs, member of the Justice Department for Clinton Administration, hostess of the Catholic Church, and other positions of influence, Bernie has managed to lead well. Bernie also shares a variety of different stories, ranging from his perception of the aids crisis and the overall growth of the LGBTQ+ community, to how he has been able to facilitate change even when there may have seemed to be no presidential hope for such.

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