Rainbow History Project Oral History Collection


Rainbow History Project Oral History Collection


Eye-witness accounts of what we’ve seen and experienced provide a valuable resource to researchers and future generations to understand our past and how we arrived where we are today.

Each interview in this collection has a narrator telling the story and a documenter guiding the process.

Collected since the founding of the RHP, this collection is growing and is open to researchers.

All interviews have been digitized and are described in the catalog; only some of them have transcripts available.

None of the interviews stream online. To obtain access to an interview, you must request by contacting us directly, providing a brief description of your project and your research interests. Our email address is: info AT rainbowhistory DOT org

One of our team will share the file from our Google Drive, and you can listen from home. Please be sure to have "Music Player for Google Drive" enabled on your machine to play the recording. www.driveplayer.com

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Rainbow History Project
Various narrators per oral history

Collection Items

David Lett is a priest with the North American Old Catholic Church and still performs as the drag queen Lena Lett. David recounts his childhood in Washington D.C., and how he entered the gay community in the 1980s. He then talks about the series of…

Donald Button came to DC in late 1970 from New York City where he had been active in the Gay Activists Alliance. In DC he hung out with the GLF group.

In DC he met Paul ‘Moonbeam’ Bartels who didn’t live in the GLF house. Button lived in the GLF…
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