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Prejudice and Pride Panel Flyer 2013.pdf
Panelists focus on discrimination against African-American members of the LGBTQ community in the 1970s and 1980s, and the formation of community groups and programs that fought back against such discrimination, including the DC Coalition of Black…

1979 - Beginnings 5-22-01 transcript.pdf
A two-day discussion of the artistic/intellectual currents of 1979 in the African-American LGBTQ community, bisexuality, and the creation of the National Coalition of Black Gays.Day One (25 May 2001). Panelists discussed the issues and events of 1979…

Jones-Hennin, ABilly S Transcript 2004.pdf
African-American bisexual and gay experience, African-American gay political organizing, National Coalition of Black Gays (later National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays), 1979 Third World Conference.1976-2000sLISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

BJones-Hennin_PL1 B&W 9.jpg
In 2007, ABilly S Jones-Hennin was named a "Community Pioneer;" read his online biography.Stream his oral history interview online.This portrait was made by Patsy Lynch, 2007.
ABilly S. Jones-Hennin talking about racism in gay bars in the District of Columbia
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