David Aiken Papers (Series II)


David Aiken Papers (Series II)


The collection includes many drafts of articles he had written on the issues confronting the LGBT community of the time. They are rough drafts, with typographical errors, handwritten notes and corrections, and numerous rewrites. They are also an important source for the events and issues of the period. His files also contain primary documents, leaflets, and notes of interviews connected with the articles he wrote.

Aiken, a local gay activist, member at one time of the Gay Liberation Front and a resident of GLF House (1620 St St. NW), Washington correspondent for The Advocate, was also a member of the Stonewall Nation Media Collective which broadcast the Friends radio show on WGBT and WPFW radio for nine years. His broadcasts on Friends seem to have complemented many of the stories on which he worked. In the mid-Seventies, he chaired the Washington Area Gay Community Council. He also served as a founder of Black and White Men Together's DC chapter and edited its newsletter.

The Aiken Articles
David Aiken's drafts of articles he submitted to the Advocate and other publications in the 1970s document many of the local and national issues confronting the LGBTQ community of the period. As such, they are an important resource of people, events, and issues for students and researchers. The collection contains Aiken's handwritten interview notes as well. The draft articles are listed below by topic.



David Lewis Aiken, 1945-1986




Aiken, David L. (David Lewis), 1945-1986

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