Lesbian and Gay Pride Marches: Johannesburg 1990 & 1992 [film]


This recording includes two films with footage from Johannesburg, South Africa, first and third pride marches:
Lesbian and Gay Pride March, Saturday, 13 October 1990; and,
Johannesburg Rights and Pride March, Saturday, 10 October 1992.

Table Of Contents

Film 1: 00:00-18:04 Johannesberg 1990
00:10- Banner of GLOW Gay & Lesbian Organization of Witwatersrand
00:15-02:55 -- Simon Nkoli and Blonde Woman read a "A call to all South Africans who are committed and non racist, non sexist, non-discriminatory, democractic future to join in the First Lesbian and Gay March. A list of their demands, concerns, and challenges.
02:56--03:28 -- Flyer: "Let's March for the Unity in the Community 13 October!" Voiceover discussion of the march with footage.
03:29--04:29 -- Footage of preparations
04:28 -- Beverly Palesa Ditsie
04:56 -- an unknown White Man
05:34 -- Hendrik Pretorius, Dutch Reform Church
06:53 -- Edwin Cameron,
08:01 -- Simon Nkoli
09:13 -- Footage of the march
14:12 -- Comments from onlookers
15:08 -- Simon Nkoli speaking in a park after the march
16:00 -- Rainbow colored balloons. Comments from participants
17:58-18:02 -- End frame: Direct Cinema 1990

18:03-18:30 -- Blank

Film 2: Gay Life is Best Johannesburg Rights and Pride March 1992
18:31 -- Slide "For Jack"
18:33-19:04 -- Images
19:05 -- March footage begins and interview with woman
19:47 -- Title Slide "Gay Life is Best Johannesburg Rights and Pride March '92"
19:51 -- March and chanting
20:50 -- Man and woman discussing gay and lesbian life and ABIGALE; interspersed with fragments of other footage
26:48 -- March footage and speech by Simon Nkoli
27:40 -- Young Black Women talk about perceptions of gay as not being Black
28:50 -- Man and woman discussing politics
33:07 -- More marching and participants talking
34:18 -- Man and woman discussing
35:15 -- March onlookers
36:30 -- Participants in the park
39:03 -- Drag fashion show/competition
41:43 -- March footage and onlookers
43:35 -- End credits.


Film 1: Unknown

Film 2:
Produced by VNS and Idol Pictures for Association of Bisexuals, Gays, and Lesbians (ABIGALE) and Gay and Lesbian Organization of the Witwatersrand (GLOW).

Camera: Lance Gewer;
Sound: Justin Mthembu;
Editor: Malcolm Adams;
Postproduction House: Six Street Studios;
Director: Zackie Achmat

Thanks to:
Midi Achmat, Rachel Holmes, Jack Lewis, Hugh McLean, Graeme Reid & Graeme Reid, Teresa Raizenberg, Funeka Soldaat, and all ABIGALE and GLOW members.

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Gay and Lesbian Organization of Witwatersrand (GLOW), “Lesbian and Gay Pride Marches: Johannesburg 1990 & 1992 [film],” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed May 21, 2024, https://archives.rainbowhistory.org/items/show/1728.

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