BEAT: The Performance Poetry of Chasen Gaver [film]


This compilation of performance videos and interview clips, by and about poet Chasen Gaver, is an interesting and offbeat look at the way one man gets his artistic and social messages across. Using a combination of Motown and punk rock, everyday props and precisely orchestrated delivery, Chasen has fun (often biting fun) with humankind's foibles in: "The Boat", "Do You Feel Fat?", "Fresh Out of Ideas", and, in front of a young audience, "Political Climate"-in which he demonstrates to students how weather can be used as a metaphor for nuclear weaponry.

Table Of Contents

E. Ethelbert Miller, Howard University: 01:59
Chasen Gaver 02:18
Craig Gibson 02:45
“The Boat” 03:30
Barry Bellinger 05:15
Emily Cravedi 06:52
Gideon Ferebee 08:14
“Take Someone with you” and “Amtrak Papers V” from …
Judy Byron 11:52
“Fresh out of Ideas” 15:44
Colevia Carter, DC Dept of Corrections 17:19
Dorthea Hunter, Librarian 22:15
“Under Suspicion” 23:46


"I Get Around": Karin Abromaitis, Jane Adams, Tom Pattison, Marie Womack;
"Under Suspicion": Gregory Adams, John Banta, Joyce Guy, Zoe Stofflet;

Leonard Braverman, Rebecca Crumlish, David Vanderbilt;

Production Assistants:
Carol Cross, Gregory J. Ford, Elliot Kipnis, Greg Marcangelo, Barbara Paxton, Jim Taylor;

Emily Cravedi, Ken Goggin, Jim Marks, Sarah Schneiderman; Jamie Walters;

On-Line Editor:
Larry Rubin at AVP, Inc.

Piano, "Under Suspicion":
Roy Barber

Supported in part by grants from:
The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities;
The Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia;

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Gaver Image by Cravedi Small.jpg
C.R. GAVER, Obituary - Washington Post- 1989 Mar 15.pdf
C.R. GAVER, Papers Cornell University.pdf


Jamie Walters, VFE Productions, 1988., “BEAT: The Performance Poetry of Chasen Gaver [film],” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed May 21, 2024,

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