Oral history interview with Letitia Gomez, 1954-



Latina lesbian experience, ENLACE/Salud, Hispanic gay organizations

Letitia Gomez (1954-) discusses her early life and coming out in San Antonio [00:23], her experiences as a lesbian employee of the Navy [08:46], her efforts in the 1980s to connect to Latina lesbians in Houston and San Antonio [09:47], her involvement in ENLACE and founding LLEGÓ [13:23], her thoughts on the intersection between Latino and gay/lesbian culture [22:18], the state of LGBT community in DC [27:31], the process of coming out to her family [32:37], economic and demographic changes in DC [34:49], her involvement in HIV-AIDS advocacy and education [36:49], her work in Latina lesbian healthcare [40:09], the lack of spaces for Latina lesbians [42:54], and the importance of learning about other cultures [48:45].


Yes, courtesy of Sarah Welz Geselowitz.

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“Oral history interview with Letitia Gomez, 1954-,” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed July 15, 2024, https://archives.rainbowhistory.org/items/show/1233.

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