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Aiken covered the recent failed campaign to bring civil rights protections to the gay community in suburban Fairfax County, VA.
Kathy Renna, second from right.
Crewmember Anna Kramer of One in 10 People receives thank you gift from director Pearson Brown
Technical Director Lloyd Leifner and Director Karen Pearson Brown of One in Ten People in the control room at Channel 10
Scott Olsen, Joe Liberatore, Craig Hoffman, Fred Harris in back row and Karen Pearson Brown, Judy Hittman, and Pam Matthews in front row. (l to r).
back row, left to right: Kevin Kerdash, David Vanderbilt, Larry Kennedy
front row: Michelle Michaels, John Moore
Flyer to promote the show at the 1991 Gay Pride Day.
Larry Kennedy, Kevin Kerdash, Michelle Michaels, and David Vanderbilt

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Presented at the D.C. Historical Studies Conference, 27 Oct 2006.
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