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Purple t-shirt.
Front: "WyoAIDS Walk 2011. Wyoming Cares"
Back: "10 Years of Caring"

413 S 21st Street Laramie, WY 82070

44 page resource booklet

44 page resource booklet
White t-shirt.
Front: "City of Hope Workout for Hope Against AIDS"
Back: "The Fitness Event of the Year!"

WOMAN’S MONTHLY was a periodical calendar for the women’s community published 1992 - 2006.
Cheryl Reeves and Jackie Howe discussing the music of Lesbian feminist singers, including: Meg Christian, Kay Gardner, Cassie Culver, Margie Adam, Cris Williamson, and Alix Dobkin.

A photograph taken by JEB of Boden's hand operating sound equipment at the 1985 Womyn's Music Festival in Michigan
Name of author printed as Warren D. Adkins, a pseudonym of Jack Nichols.
In this interview-style article, Rainbow History board member Dr. Bonnie Morris discusses the disappearance of lesbian spaces such as bars and bookstores in the DC area.
Ed Cox reading "What do I know?" on Friends Radio, 1974.
White t-shirt.
Front: "Wearing Gay History"
Back: "@WearingGayHist"

Project founded at George Mason University.

Arlington, VA
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