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Announcement of GWA-DC closing and invitation to final dance in 1993
GWA-DC application for potential volunteers and board members, dated March 13, 1985
Hand-drawn flyer on GWA-DC stationary advertising need for volunteers
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 1986 board of directors of GWA-DC
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 1985 board of directors of GWA-DC
Articles of Incorporation for the GWA-DC in 1981
Bylaws for GWA-DC in 1984 following reorganization
Event calendar for October through December 1985 for the Gay Women's Alternative of DC
List of events sponsored by the GWA-DC from 1980-1983 including speaker, date, profit, and attendance.
Flier for Audre Lorde's reading of "Zami, A New Spelling of My Name" at the Washington Ethical Society sponsored by GWA-DC and Sapphire Sapphos on January 11, 1984.
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