ClubHouse member remarks, circa 1975

ClubHouse member remarks by Charles Swinton, circa 1975.

Membership interviews began in February 1975.  Demand for memberships was heavy and by opening night, the club had a core membership of 400.  The club concept was based in part on practices at New York City’s Loft club.  However, at The ClubHouse memberships were free.  Potential members had to be accepted by the managers, agreed to be responsible for their own behavior and that of their guests, and accepted restrictions on behavior at the club.  ClubHouse memberships became so valuable over the next decade and a half that few people were willing to chance losing a membership.  For those without a membership, knowing a member was the key to a night at The ClubHouse.

Memberships were specific to a night.  Friday night memberships were for predominately straight evenings entitled ZEI: the Saturday night memberships for Vibrations were for predominately gay and lesbian members.