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Oh Well. You Can't Please Every One! I!
During the past four weekends you have witnessed an effort by certain groups within
the'community'to change the admission policies of Lost and Found. Without consulting
the Management, they embarked on a campaign of picketing and harassment aimed, not
just at Lost and Found, but at our patrons. The Management, knowing that our admission
rules are A. Non-discriminatory, B. Very liberal, and C. Equally enforced according to
District of Columbia laws, chose to ignore these pickets.
After four weeks we were finally contacted by a representative of one of the
moderate factions engaged in the picketing. After a very frank discussion, it was agreed
there had been a lack of communication, thus causing the misconceptions about our
policies. This group and the other moderates have subsequently withdrawn their support,
leaving a handful of radicals to walk the line (excuse the pun) alone.
We apologize for the inconvenience, as well as the verbal garbage you were forced to
hear spewed from the mouths of the pickets as you tried to exercise your right of
freedom of choice. Thank you for your support and consequent rebuttal of this small
band of radicals who claimed to be the "representatives and moral guardians for the
'community'." When it came to making a choice between a fair policy and a flagrant case
of BIASED picketing and harassment, you voted the only way you could, WITH YOUR
—See Our Policy Next Page
The Management of the "Lost and Found," after two weeks of attempted harrassment, takes this
opportunity to make the following statement to the public:
For admission, the management requires two valid identifications. A valid identification is any
document or card legally issued by the government or an employer, which provides the name, date of
birth, and signature of the holder. Photographs will be required only if there is a question of validity
of the identification presented. Draft cards are not acceptable as they are too easily obtained and
The above identification requirement is no way intended to discriminate against any person.
District of Columbia Law makes the Management responsible and it must be the arbiter when there is
ANY question involving identification.
In addition, management has set the tone governing the dress of any individual entering its
restaurant. These House Regulations on dress are posted in the foyer, are liberal, equally applied and
should not offend anyone.
Lost and Found has been designed in hopes of providing and improving me social activities within
the community and it welcomes any suggestions that may be helpful in improving the quality of its
services. One of the services, the Lost and Pound's bulletin, "The Classified," is available for free
announcements for ANY group within the community. This service was available prior to opening and
not as a result of picket demands
The management will continue to enforce its House Regulations on dress and to require two (2)
identifications from all patrons and persons 18 to 20 years old will not be admitted. The reason for
the 18 to 20 regulation is that there is always an adult willing to buy a juvenille a drink and it is
impossible to check each individual drink served.
* * * * * * S H 0 W S T 0 P P E R S * * * * * *
On the evenings of November 29th and 30th, Lost and Found, in conjunction with
Henry Street, Inc., will present excerpts from "Fanny Brice's Showstoppers." The
production features hit songs from Broadway Shows including such notable showstoppers
as "Those Beautiful Girls," from Follies, "Let Me Entertain You," from Gypsy, "It's A
Typical Day," from Little Abner and the "Tea For Two" number (with a cast of
thousands), from No No Nannette. Because of the length of the show, it will be presented
in two acts. The first act will be performed on Monday the 29th and the second act on
Tuesday, the 30th. The show will start at 10:00 o'clock. Tickets for both nights will be
sold on a first come first served basis and no seats will be reserved. The sale price of the
tickets is $3.00 for a single performance (one night) or $5.00 if you wish to attend both
evenings. Please remember, that each night will be a different show. Tickets are on sale at
the Lost and Found and may be purchased from John LaMothe.
For those customers who wish to have dinner, it will be served from 6:00 to 9:00
with reservations taken no later than 7:30. Dinner guests who wish to see the
performances will be required to purchase tickets.
Because of the publicity and rave reviews that greeted the original performance of
Showstoppers, last September at Trinity Theatre, we know there will be a stampede for
tickets. So don't be disappointed, get your ticket or tickets early and come enjoy two of
the most delightful nights of entertainment you will ever experience.
GAY CRAPHIES COOP . . . offers fast duplicating graphies, and photographic services.
We'll get in touch with you. Randy and Dick (Owners). . . for information contact Bill
* * * * * *




Lost and Found Bar, “A message to our patrons from the Lost and Found,” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed June 24, 2024, https://archives.rainbowhistory.org/items/show/385.

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