Remember Their Names [Exhibit Panel]


In 1987, the Names Project Quilt, documenting those who had died from AIDS< was displayed on the National Mall for the first time. It covered an areas larger than a football field and included 1,920 panels. By 1988 the number of panels had increased to 8,288.

In 1996, the display of the AIDS Quilt covered the National Mall from the West Front of the Capitol building to 14th Street, making it one of the largest public arts projects ever conceived and realized.

The quilt memorialized the Gay community’s mounting losses to AIDS, and paradoxically, it also celebrates hopes. Public displays of the quilt in the nation’s capitol emphatically rejected homophobia and the social stigma attached to AIDS.

Each panel recorded an individual loss. It was then sewn to its neighbors, creating a community of strength, hope, and pride.




“Remember Their Names [Exhibit Panel],” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed June 15, 2024,

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