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The Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW) published The Insider, a newsletter for members that covered aspects of life in Washington DC before the Gay Blade first appeared in October 1969. In the late 1960s, Eva Freund and Richard Schaeffers wrote…
FINAL ISSUE, the Furies Staff
Building Feminist Institutions, by Lee Schwing and Helaine Harris
Unnatural Woman, by Diane O'Flynn
Oranges at Wandegeya, by Jay Williams
R St., by Keegan
I Don't Want a Pickle, photos by D. George
Bisexuality, by Loretta Ulmschneider
Journeys on the Living, by Linda Koolish
Eating Artichokes, by Willyce Kim
Editorial, by Lee Schwing and Deborah George
Holland, by Dutch feminists publishing Purple September
New York Poems, by Lee…
To our reader, Perseverance Furthers: Woman's Sense of Self, by Charlotte Bunch
A Sonatina Followed by Another, by Gertrude Stein
Gertrude and Alice compiled by Fran Winant and Loretta Ulmschneider
She Who, poetry by Judy Grahn, graphics…
We're doing it in our schools ..., poem by E Sharon Gomillion
Perseverance Furthers: Separatism and Our Future, by Charlotte Bunch
Internal Bleeding (Or Case Study in Bombastic Twaddling), by Nancy Myron
Poems, by Susan Baker, E. Sharon…
I Was a Teenage Lesbian, by Lee Schwing and Helaine Harris
They Killed Pricks, by Susan Baker
Garbage Among the Trash, by Dolores Bargowski and Coletta Reid
Just Like in the Saturday Evening Post, by Nancy Myron
Darers Go First, by Jennifer Woodul
A New Book of Lesbian Poetry by Pat Parker
Only by Association
Details ..., by Coletta Reid
Recycled Trash, by Coletta Reid
Freest Fancy, by Ginny Berson
COME OUTSIDE (On a queer day you can see…
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