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Letter and sponsorship form related to fund raising activity by the Bisexual Resource Center. Participants were encouraged to disobey the state sodomy laws for the month of October and seek sponsors for acts of civil disobedience to pledge for each…

harrassment rulemaking GLAA.pdf
Testimony by Bob Summersgill, president of Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC, before the Committee on Special Education and Student Services of the District of Columbia Board of Education on the Proposed Rulemaking on Harassment.

city harrassment.pdf
Flyer includes postcard addressed the Mayor Marian Barry. Calls to stop harassment by police and DCRA of gay businesses.

DC Court Marriage Flyer.pdf
ephemera related to marriage equality including:
What's in a word? A Religious Perspective on Civil Marriage Equality (Equality Maryland)
Jumping the Broom: A Black Perspective on Same Gender Marriage (Equality Maryland and National…
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