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Bob Saks is a straight rabbi who graduated and was ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1970. In 1972, Saks joined the Rabbinic Association of the Reform Movement. He led the University of Maryland College Park’s Hillel chapter from 1973…

Jessica Xavier is a trans health activist living in Rockville, MD. She is interview by Bryan Schwartz.

Nathanson, John David (J.D.)_1993- Transcription.docx.pdf
A native of Rhode Island, JD came to Washington, D.C., to attend Georgetown University. He discusses his activism in Rhode Island before coming to Georgetown, gay social patterns among young men in D.C., and attending being present at Supreme Court…

Barry Robert “Bart” Forbes recounts his long career as a public television producer and political activist working on behalf of suburban gays and lesbians in Fairfax County, Virginia. Forbes’ accomplishments include the the founding of the Fairfax…

Helene Bloom is a lesbian woman and is co-owner with Fran Levine of Soho Tea & Coffee at 2150 P St NW, Washington, D.C., in Dupont Circle. Soho is the oldest independent tea and coffee house in Washington, D.C.

Isaiah Poole discusses his career as a journalist and advocate for newsroom diversity, including founding the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and the Washington Association of Black Journalists.

Oral history with Fran Levine, co-­owner of Soho Tea & Coffee at 2150 P St NW, Washington, DC in Dupont Circle, the oldest independent Tea and Coffee house in DC who identifies as a lesbian woman. Interview by Autumn Eastman.

Oral history with Randy K., who talk about his work as an advocate and activist and work with D.C.'s HIPS program, which provides harm-reduction services for sex workers. Interview conducted by Caitlin Firmage.

Ken South recounts his coming(s) out, his relationship with religion, his work on HIV/AIDS, and his advocacy on LGBT aging issues.

Oral history with Ellen Khan, director of the Children, Youth, and Families Program at the Human Rights Campaign and former Lesbian Services Program Director at Whitman-Walker Clinic.
AU student Rebecca Day interviews Dr. Bonnie Morris, a long-time resident of Washington, D.C. who identifies as a lesbian woman and works as a professor and writer.
Earline Budd discusses her personal history and her work with HIV and transgender advocacy.
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