Dr. Herman Lynn Womack: First Amendment Pioneer

Dr. H. Lynn (Herman Lynn) Womack was a pioneer in fighting to expand the rights of gay men to have access to gay-themed content. His efforts to fight the use of obscenity laws to prevent gay content from being distributed through the U.S. Mail resulted in key decisions from the United States Supreme Court that expanded First Amendment protections for gay men throughout the United States. This exhibit explores Womack's role as first amendment pioneer, publisher, and gay rights advocate.

Womack was a pioneer in First Amendment Law, Publisher, Educator, & Supporter of Gay Activism.


Research conducted to create this exhibit was supported by a generous grant from a Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grant and the generous assistance of Cornell University's Kroch Library Human Sexualities Collection. Exhibit text, c.2007 by Mark Meinke. Exhibit design, c. 2011, 2007