Records of the Gay Community Center of DC (Series XVIII: Lemley Component)

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Records of the Gay Community Center of DC (Series XVIII: Lemley Component)


The files and records of the treasurer and bookkeeper of the Gay Community Center/DC, from the operations held at its third and final home on 1228 17th Street, NW, during the years 1988-1990. Includes programming and operational files, as well as financial records. Also contains a photo album documenting the creation and celebration of the GCC building at 1469 Church Street, NW. 


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Available to all people, by appointment, at the DC History Center, as MS 0764 RHP, Series XVIII. Collection is available for “fair use.” Material may be protected by copyright.


See also the "Records of the Gay Community Center DC--Series IX Eaton-Kesinger Component"


The material was donated in June 2014 by Thomas E. Brown, the partner of the late Jim Lemley, who served as treasurer of the Gay Community Center (at the request of then president Bob Roehr). When the Gay Community Center was being evicted from its space on 17th street; Brown and Lemley salvaged the records from the office. They were organized by Brown and then stored in their U St. storage shed in DC, until 2006, when they moved to Rehoboth Beach. As the treasurer and corporate officer of the organization, Lemley held custody and ownership of the records; after the demise of the GCC/DC; after his death in 2006, Brown inherited the records and titles as the sole heir of the Lemley estate. The materials were donated to RHP in 2014 and transferred to the DC History Center in 2017.

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