Patrick T. Gertschen photograph collection (Series XXV)


Patrick T. Gertschen photograph collection (Series XXV)


Photograph albums, scrapbooks, and loose photographs taken by Patrick T. Gertschen (aka Pat O’Brien), at various LGBTQ community events from the 1970s through 1990s. Coverage includes events of The Academy Awards of Washington, Inc.; various drag events; Mid-Atlantic Leather; leather community events; Capital Pride; national marches and other rallies.



Patrick T. Gertschen is the photographer responsible for all images.

Table Of Contents

The photographs are arranged as 26 events in 22 albums; and several other events in dozens of envelopes. Low-res scans of the following albums are available upon request:
  • 1976--Miss America A (16 images)
  • 1976--Miss America B (39 images)
  • 1976--Prince Charming (74 images)
  • 1977--19th Academy Awards of Washington (31 images)
  • 1977--Miss Boardwalk (75 images)
  • 1981 May--Miss Universe (178 images)
  • 1982 April--Royal Ball-Queen of Hearts (138 images)
  • 1983--Miss Universe (77 images)
  • 1983--Royal Ball (94 images)
  • 1986--Miss Universe (76 images)
  • Undated--Unknown Event 02 (18 images)
  • 1987--Royal Ball (261 images)
  • 1990--Royal Ball (144 images)

Additional albums include:
  • Mr. Eagle (Year Unknown) (49 images)
  • 1985 May Oscars (62 images)
  • 1992 Mid-Atlantic Leather (84 images)
  • 1993 March on Washington (59 images)
  • 1993 Mid-Atlantic Leather (87 images)
  • 1993 Royal Ball (45 images)
  • 1994 Mid-Atlantic Leather (90 images)
  • 1994 Mr. Gay Maryland All American (54 images)
  • 1994 Pride (24 images)
  • 1994--Royal Ball A (50 images)
  • 1994--Royal Ball B (64 images)
Packets of photographs never put into albums include:
  • 1987 Royal Ball
  • 1989 Unknown Event
  • 1989 Sept Royal Ball
  • 1990 Gay Pride
  • 1990 Prince Charming Royal Ball
  • 1993 Mid-Atlantic Leather


Gift of the Estate of Patrick T. Gertschen, 2015.




No restrictions on the use of the images for non-profit, educational purposes. The use of materials in for-profit projects, and any revenue sharing agreements, must be approved by the Donor, or his delegate. Contact Rainbow History Project, Inc., for further information.


The Donor has transferred the copyright of all images to the Rainbow History Project, Inc. Contact RHP for information on use.


Photographs and albums were created and arranged by Pat Gertschen. After his death in 1995, they were maintained by the donor. In 2015, they were donated to RHP. In 2018, they were transferred to the DC History Center.

Collection Items

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