T-shirts and textiles: Ephemera Collection


T-shirts and textiles: Ephemera Collection


T-Shirts and textiles were collected from various donors. Items were photographed, cataloged, and placed online by RHP board member Eric N. Gonzaba in 2018. Physical items remain in the custody of RHP.

Collection Items

GAPIN: Gay Asian Pacific Islander Network [banner]
This is the banner for the Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Network used in the 1993 March on Washington.

Fitness Exchange
White tank top.
Logo for Fitness Exchange, a Houston gay gym and shower.

3131 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX

American Leatherman Houston
Black t-shirt.
"American Leatherman Houston"

Castro 79
Dark purple t-shirt.
"Castro 79"
Sleeves cut.

The First Numbers
White t-shirt.
"#'s. 300 Westheimer Houston, Texas. Numbers"

Gay Chicago
Blue t-shirt
Gay Chicago
Gay Chicago is a defunct LGBT online news organization in Chicago, Illinois which ceased publishing in print form on Sept. 21, 2011.

Old Plantation, Houston
White t-shirt.
"OP Houston"
Old Plantation.

2020 Kipling. Houston TX

Unicorn, Houston
Black tank top.
Short lived bar, between Mary's and the Locker.

Alternative Prom Austin '92
White t-shirt.
"Out Youth Austin. Stand Your Ground. Alternative Prom '92-'93. Unmask Yourself. Phantom of the Opera"

909 E 49th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78751

Georgia Southern LGBTQ Conference
Gray t-shirt.
Front: "Georgia Southern University LGBTQ and Allies Conference"
Back: "Georgia Southern University LGBTQ and Allies Conference. True Reflections. Queer in the Media. November 3rd, 2012. Sponsored by the Multicultural Student Center &…

Harvey Milk, Supervisor
White t-shirt.
"Harvey Milk, Supervisor "

Reproduction purchased from GLBT History Museum in San Francisco, CA in 2013.

I Can't Even Think Straight
Blue t-shirt.
"I Can't Even Think Straight"

No Apologies!
Red t-shirt.
Front: "No Apologies! May 21st 1979. San Francisco."
Back: "The GLBT History Museum"

Reproduction of original t-shirt. Sold at GLBT History Museum in San Francisco.

Red t-shirt.
GLBTAA Indiana University
The IU Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Association (GLBTAA)
Officially established in 1997,

Wearing Gay History
White t-shirt.
Front: "Wearing Gay History"
Back: "@WearingGayHist"

Project founded at George Mason University.

Arlington, VA

Last Call for Marriage Inequality
Navy blue t-shirt.
Front: "Last Call for Marriage Inequality @ToastToMarriage"
Sleeve: "Freedom to Marry. Skyy Vodka"

Kickin It With Soap
Blue t-shirt.
Front: "Kickin it with Soap."
Back: "@SUSOAP Salisbury University"
Student Organization for Activity Planning

Between the Lines
Yellow t-shirt.
"Between the Lines. Michigan's Weekly News for Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Friends"

A Love Supreme
Navy blue t-shirt.
Front: "Freedom to Marry. A Love Supreme. #ToastToMarriage"
Sleeve: "Freedom to Marry. Skyy Vodka"

Gay? Fine By Me
Green t-shirt.
"Gay? Fine by me"
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