Gay Businesses and Venues Collection


Gay Businesses and Venues Collection


An artificial collection of advertisements, photographs, business cards, matchbooks, and flyers from gay businesses, religious organizations, and other spaces that created a safe haven for gay men, Lesbians, transgender people, and the drag community in Washington, D.C. from the 1950's to the 1980's.


Meinke, Mark

Collection Items

6 Years of Kings @ Chaos Poster (2006)
A poster promoting an event for March 1st, 2006, celebrating Drag King Performances at Choas. At this time, this was the longest running Drag King show in the world.

Interior of Earthworks
Earthworks was a store that sold drug paraphernalia "Everything but the Weed", there was a corner in the store dedicated to selling gay books and periodicals. This corner eventually spun off to become an independent bookstore called "Lambda Rising"

Spring Break: New Beginnings!
The invitation to a fundraiser benefiting Brother Help Thyself, held April 15, 1989, at Tracks. Hosted by Brandon, Ed, Fred, Gary, and Larry; DJ's were David Anthony and Michael Jorba .

A one-of-a kind scrapbook dedicated to the beloved Tracks NightClub. Includes photographs of places and spaces at the club; information about people and events; related documents and flyers.
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