Friends Radio Collection, 1973-1982, 3


Friends Radio Collection, 1973-1982, 3


The Friends Radio tape collection at Rainbow History covers nine years (1973 to 1982) of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer activism and community building in Washington, DC and around the nation. The Friends collection includes poetry, music, interviews, candidate interviews, social and political commentary and analysis and accounts of the creation of community services and organizations. Rainbow History received a collection of more than 300 1/4inch acetate tape reels of varying diameters from Bruce Pennington, a founder of the Stonewall Nation Media Collective, which produced and broadcast the show at WGTB and WPFW.


Stonewall Nation Media Collective




Pennington, Bruce C., 1947-2003
Aiken, David L. (David Lewis), 1945-1986
Stonewall Nation Media Collective (Organization : Washington, D.C.)

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Alternative Title

Stonewall Nation Media Collective Collection #3

Collection Items

Something in the Air: Friends Radio, Chronicle of DC&#039;s Gay Community 1973-1982
Presented at the D.C. Historical Studies Conference, 27 Oct 2006.

Ian Young reading "Visitor"

Ian Young reading "Gay muse"

Ian Young reading "Angel"

Cheryl Reeves and Jackie Howe discussing the music of Lesbian feminist singers, including: Meg Christian, Kay Gardner, Cassie Culver, Margie Adam, Cris Williamson, and Alix Dobkin.

Terry Winch reading "Studebaker full of chickens"

Lee Lally reading "Apology for wet kisses"

Tim Dlugos reading "Too far"

Bruce Pennington reading "This day" by Jim Everhard

Tim Dlugos reading "The eyes of our hearts"

Lee Lally reading "Thanks for the Felicians"

Lee Lally reading "Some of the parts"
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