Buttons, Pins, Patches, and Tokens: RHP Ephemera Collection (Series XXII)


Buttons, Pins, Patches, and Tokens: RHP Ephemera Collection (Series XXII)


This is a collection of loose items collected from several different donors. Primarily composed of buttons with political messages, it also includes pins and patches from several different groups as well as other 3D objects (like drink tokens, wooden nickels, and match books). Most of the pins have dates, locations, events, or organizational names that identify them. The bulk of these are from the 1980s onwards, yet also exist some from the Mattachine Society and the Gay Liberation Front, as well as the 1979 March on Washington.



Rainbow History Project has collected these materials from various sources.
Whenever possible, individual donors have been identified.


Rainbow History Project
Robert Coggin. Series VI.
Mindy Daniels. Series XVI.
Deacon Maccubbin and Jim Bennett. Series XXVII.
Karen Pearson Brown.
Bruce Pennington. Series IV.
Catherine Tuerk. 2013. Series XXX.
Tanner Wray and Karl Debus-Lopez. 2023
Jerry L. Wnuck, Estate. 2021.
Michelle Zavos. 2015.
Unknown Donors


No restrictions on access; no restrictions on use.

Access Rights

Available to all researchers, by appointment, at the DC History Center. Collection is available for “fair use.” Material may be protected by copyright.


This sort of material was collected by RHP from various donors and other sources; materials were collected by some of the RHP founders, inspiring them to create the organization. These particular materials were transferred to the DC History Center in 2008. Items found in other collections or series at the DCHC have been transferred to this collection; other items will be transferred from incoming collections as well.

Collection Items

Fairfax City Pride at Old Town Hall (2024)
Photograph taken of the front facade of Fairfax's Old Town Hall (where Fairfax City Pride was held) in June 2024. Photo courtesy of Colleen O'Donnel.

Woman Sound: 10th Anniversary Special Poster
A photograph taken by JEB of Boden's hand operating sound equipment at the 1985 Womyn's Music Festival in Michigan

8 buttons and 3 pins
Buttons and pins from Robert Coggin, Series VI. The "Glad to be Gay" and "GAA" buttons are rare, early 1970s buttons.

17 buttons and 1 pin
Items donated by Michelle Zavos in 2015.

1 button
Button for "One in 10 People" television program donated by Karen Pearson Brown. Broadcasts and outtakes from One in 10 People were donated to RHP and digitized.

4 buttons
4 buttons related to DC Sodomy Law Repeal from Mindy Daniels, donor of Series XVI.

6 buttons and 1 pin
6 buttons and 1 pin from PFLAG leader Catherine Tuerk, donor of Series XXX.

2 Buttons
One button is from "Couples Support Group" which was an organization to support monogamous same-sex couples in the 1980s and 1990s. One button says "Equality through Visibility" and is from Montgomery County Maryland Pride 1997.

112 Buttons, Badges, and Tokens
Wooden nickels from DC locations such as Nob Hill, the D.C. Eagle, La Cage Aux Follies; plastic tokens from the Bachelors Mill Backdoor Pub; metal tokens from two locations of the Brass Rail; campaign buttons in support of Marion Barry, Clinton/Gore,…

17 Buttons and 3 Pins
20 pins from the 1980s and 1990s have been received and photographed; these were sent to RHP by a donor around the time of Mr. Wnuck's death. Mr. Wnuck's Obituary.
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