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Event calendar for October through December 1985 for the Gay Women's Alternative of DC
Bylaws for GWA-DC in 1984 following reorganization
Articles of Incorporation for the GWA-DC in 1981
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 1985 board of directors of GWA-DC
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 1986 board of directors of GWA-DC
Hand-drawn flyer on GWA-DC stationary advertising need for volunteers
GWA-DC application for potential volunteers and board members, dated March 13, 1985
Announcement of GWA-DC closing and invitation to final dance in 1993
Program for the first annual GWA-DC conference: "Putting the Pieces Together: The Positive Integration of Women's Professional, Social, and Personal Roles." Held April 24, 1985. Program contains session titles, descriptions, speakers, and times, as…
Flyer advertising the 1986 Passages conference. The conference was centered around issues in lesbian aging. Flyer includes keynote speaker, workshop titles, and an advertisement for a following dance. Price and accessibility accommodations included.
Flyer advertising the GWA-DC Spring Cotillion in 1988.
Flyer advertising the GWA-DC's 1993 Spring cotillion on May 8, 1993.
Minutes from the August 13 and 23, 1980 meeting for GWA-DC
Minutes from the September 9, 1980 meeting for GWA-DC
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