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howell- gays and the holocaust.pdf
The campaign for recognition of Nazi persecution of gays and lesbians and for its inclusion in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Includes the reading by Craig Howell of his paper "Behind the Exhibits: The Campaign to Memorialize Gay…

Organization, activities, and splits in DC's Gay Liberation Front.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 3Part 2 of 3Part 3 of 3

Reasons why LGBTQ faith groups were created, specifically the local origins of MCC-DC, Faith Temple, Al-Fatihah, Mintwood Zendo, Bet Mispachah, and Dignity.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2
Three members of the Academy of Washington, the oldest operating drag group in the country, talk about the organization's history, influence, and traditions.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2
Five DC women discuss the coming out process for women in the 1970s and 1980s--not just how they came out as lesbians, but also what challenges they faced and what resources they found in DC for getting them through the coming out process and…

Prejudice and Pride Panel Flyer 2013.pdf
Panelists focus on discrimination against African-American members of the LGBTQ community in the 1970s and 1980s, and the formation of community groups and programs that fought back against such discrimination, including the DC Coalition of Black…

Patterns of police harassment and entrapment of gays in DC and the Gay Activists Alliance's work to end harassment and build a new relationship with the Metropolitan Police Department.
Discussion focused on origins of the Gay Activists Alliance - DC in 1971, its early activities, and its connection with the Kameny for Congress campaign, with a particular emphasis on the campaign to rescind the American Psychiatric Association's…

Panelists represented the Spartans and the Centaur motorcycle clubs and discussed the origins, founders, club traditions, and events, including runs, leather cocktails, Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, and the creation of Brother, Help Thyself.LISTEN…


Discussion of the origins, strategies, tactics, and legacies of four local direct-action groups: DC's Gay Liberation Front, the Lesbian Avengers, ACT-UP, and OUT. Lena Lett moderated. Bruce Pennington described the beginnings of DC's own Gay…

Origins and activities of African American social clubs, especially Best of Washington, Metropolitan Capitolites, and Associates. LISTEN ONLINEDay 1, Part 1 of 5Day 1, Part 2 of 5Day 1, Part 3 of 5Day 2, Part 4 of 5Day 2, Part 5 of 5

1979 - Beginnings 5-22-01 transcript.pdf
A two-day discussion of the artistic/intellectual currents of 1979 in the African-American LGBTQ community, bisexuality, and the creation of the National Coalition of Black Gays.Day One (25 May 2001). Panelists discussed the issues and events of 1979…

Organizing DC's first Pride festivals in May 1972 and June 1975.

The founding and role in the community of Lammas and Lambda Rising bookstores.

Talking history-- Frank Kameny 2-2-2002.pdf
Dr. Kameny chatted about his motivation and life in gay activism.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 1

The history of DC's sodomy law and the 30-year campaign to repeal it.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

Title34 Howell Comments.pdf
In 1973, DC’s City Council adopted, and Mayor Walter Washington signed, the first citywide human rights ordinance, Title 34, which provided protection to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals.  Title 34 became the basis for subsequent…

Support groups for gay youth that emerged in the '70s.

Origins of gay softball (since 1982), bowling (since 1981), hockey (since 1993), and basketball groups in DC.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

Talking History - JEB 3-6-04.doc
Joan Biren shares memories of her life, The Furies, and the lesbian community in D.C.

The emergence of ENLACE, Salud, and other Latino LGBTQ groups, the effect of AIDS on the community and the community's response, the development of Latino/a drag shows, bars, and AIDS outreach.Panel was bilingual in both Spanish and English. 

Origins, outreach, and activities of DC's first Latino/a gay support organization, ENLACE.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

Assumptions, actions, and emerging awareness of AIDS in DC, including mistaken assumptions of the medical community, mental health issues, and the politics of the emerging response to AIDS.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

Two key members of the Mattachine Society of Washington discuss the group's history and influence, with particular emphasis on the contributions of founding member Dr. Franklin Kameny.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2

Memories and discussion of the bars, clubs, and businesses near South Capitol Street, L Street, and O Street SE that were razed to create Washington Nationals Ballpark.LISTEN ONLINEPart 1 of 2Part 2 of 2
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